Although the internet is constantly changing and growing, many business owners and professionals fail to recognize this and waste their time with outdated search engine optimization (SEO). Many of these SEO strategies have been changed or replaced completely. You don't have to keep going back to the same old techniques. Instead, you can try one of these alternatives:

OutdatedKeyword stuffingCurrent:Killer content

Although it was once believed that keyword stuffing would bring you the best results on Google, this is now a black-hat SEO technique that could get your website blacklisted. Instead, you should focus your SEO strategy to write engaging and informative content that only includes a handful of keywords.

OutdatedSEO writing for spiders

Current:SEO writing for users

Original thought was that SEO strategies should be written in such a way search engine spiders can understand you. This is the best way to increase your chances of getting the results you want. Search engines can penalize you for writing without the end users in your mind.

OutdatedFooter links

Current:Links to content

Although it was once thought that linking to your partner link exchange partners in your page footers was a good SEO strategy, Google will now completely ignore them. To boost your SEO strategy, you should make use of content linking. Get people to write about your site in their blogs and include a hyperlink to your site in the content.

OutdatedSignature of the Forum

Current:Social media links

Many people still use forums for this reason. They can include a signature with keywords and links to their sites. Google, however, has embraced this SEO technique since years. To gain authority, you should add links to your homepage to your social media profiles.

OutdatedLink building

Current:Link building

Link building is a term that may conjure up images of links being built by SEO experts and then inserted onto a website. This could lead to search engines scrutinizing your SEO strategy. However, organic links (also known as "getting links") are more important and flow naturally.

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